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Hey there, Thanks for visiting my home on the web. This space serves as an outlet for stuff I have a deep interest in. I publish my thoughts here and will be curating interesting stuff that I have been reading about on a weekly basis. However, I do not want this to be one way traffic. In fact, I would love to connect with you at a 1-1 level, discuss topics of mutual interest, have a great conversation, figure out new perspectives and genuinely use my experience to try and make a difference.

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A bit about me:

I have had a career spanning 15 years, the last decade of which has been spent exclusively in the Indian B2C start-up space. I have been a part of the pre-launch leadership teams at (India’s leading Home ecommerce company) and Hotstar (India’s leading OTT player).

I have significant experience in starting marketing from scratch, building teams and delivering growth at scale. I am a Brand Marketer, having conceptualized and run multiple award winning brand campaigns nationally.

I began my career as an Area Sales Manager, managing Nokia’s (then the market leader) handset business across various territories in India. The three year sales stint served as my training ground in running businesses, stakeholder management and leading 100+ member teams.

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